Discover Toyozō Arakawa, the master of lost Shino

Toyozō Arakawa: Genius of Mino Ceramics

Toyozō Arakawa, born on March 21, 1894, and died on August 11, 1985, was enshrined in the history of Japanese ceramics not only for his artistic skill, but also for his role as a ceramic detective. At Mino, near Nagoya, Arakawa discovered pottery fragments that would change the historical understanding of the famous Shino and Oribe pieces, attributing them correctly to Mino, and not to Seto, as previously thought.

His reconstruction of a Mutabora-style kiln in 1933 and subsequent rediscovery of the techniques for making Shino glazes represented a revival of these ancient practices. In 1955, this dedication earned him the title of “Living National Treasure,” recognizing his crucial contribution to modern Japanese ceramics. Today, Arakawa’s work is preserved in prestigious museums, a testament to his enduring legacy.

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