Kawakita Handeishi: A legendary Japanese potter.

Kawakita Handeishi: A Master of Ceramics and Tea Culture

Born in 1878 in Osaka Prefecture, Kawakita Handeishi lived a life that intertwined art with economics. As a prosperous banker, his professional life was characterized by important financial positions, but Handeishi also found time to devote to calligraphy, painting, poetry and photography, foreshadowing his future immersion in the world of ceramics.

At the age of fifty, Handeishi decided to devote himself exclusively to the world of ceramics, bringing a freshness and personal approach to this traditional art. His tea bowls and other tea utensils, loaded with charm and personal character, influenced many young potters who in turn became masters, perpetuating his influence on Japanese tea culture.

Handeishi’s legacy is reflected in the presence of his works in major public collections around the world, such as the Brooklyn Museum and the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, ensuring that his impact on ceramics and tea culture will be remembered and appreciated for generations to come.

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